VBS - Vacation Bible School

2013 VBS is August 5 to 9 from 9am to 12 noon for children age 4 to 5th grade completed!

VBS is held during the first full week of August this summer.  Come join the fun games, crafts, music, drama, and snacks!  And most of all, come to learn and know God personally, and be changed for life!  Download the Registration Form HERE

Please bring completed registration form and fee to the church office (972.867.2990). Contact Pastor John @ pastorjohn(at)pcactexas(dot)org if you have any questions.
$25 by June 30; $30 afterwards. Last Day to Register is July 21. Thanks and see you there at "God's Backyard!"
STATUS UPDATE: Registration OPEN.  We will continue to receive children as long as space is available, however, since supply orders are placed, your child may or may not receive certain items.

Daily Shirt Colors and Theme:
Monday - Green
Tuesday - Black (or dark color)
Wednesday - Blue & Hilarious Hair Day!
Thursday - White
Friday - Red
Friday Family Night, 7:00 - 8:30 pm - wear Green color shirts!
* We will have our "Hilarious Hair Day" on Wednesday! The funniest hair design will receive a special gift, so get your creativity going and have lots of fun with your child!
** It is advisable to wear tennis shoes because of games/gym time.
Our Service/Fund Raising Project is for a Local Organization called Hope's Door.  They serve families who suffer from domestic violence.
We will serve our community by helping them provide back-to-school supplies for elementary age kids who are in need at the center.  Our goal is 16 fully stocked backpacks.  Please see the pdf LIST they have provided HERE.  Parents, you have a vital opportunity to instruct your child and grow him/her in character through this service project!  Prayerfully through this giving, the boys and girls will truly experience the fuller impact of our VBS theme "Where kids have a blast serving Jesus!"
We will start collecting on the 1st day Monday, and everyday until Friday.
Check-in & out Procedure:
8:30 am - Doors open.
* Please check-in with your child(ren) on Monday at the Registration Desk located North side of the church.
9:00 am - VBS starts!
* No one will be allowed in participants' areas. If you need your child, please see a Staff at the Registration Desk or the church secretary.
12:00 noon - VBS ends.
12 to 12:20 pm - Pickup Time.
* Please come to the North side of the church, Registration Desk, and look for and give your child's name to a Check-out Staff.

We welcome parents to view the closing time of each morning.  Please quietly enter the gym from the North entrance at 11:45 am, and watch from the back.  At 12 pm, we will start releasing your child (unless you need your child earlier).  Therefore, please pay special care to the new procedures for checking out your children.  Below is a photo visual of the 2-step process:

(1) Enter through the North entrance only (Registration desk), and a friendly checkout staff with a clipboard will greet you there. Please give then your child's name.
(2) You will follow the green arrow in the photo and wait for the volunteer to bring your smiling child at #2.

This year we are using Standard Publishing's VBS.
THEME: God's Backyard Bible Camp * under the STARS *

Where Kids Have A Blast Serving Jesus!  THEME VERSES: Mark 12:29-31.


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2009 VBS - Wildwood Forest Resources

Welcome Servants of the LORD to PCAC 2009 VBS

Dear Station Leader and Helpers, Explorers (Crew Leaders) and Scouts (Helpers), and all Volunteers,

You should have gotten a hard copy of your area of service from either Pastor John or Catherine.  The files below are provided in case you lost your copy or need to print extra ones for your helpers, etc.

Everyone need to READ and be FAMILIAR with the "ALL Leading a Child to Christ" pdf.

Madatory Training for all Station and Crew Leaders and Helpers on Sundays 7/12, 7/18, 7/25 and 8/2 from 12:45p to 2pm.  Please prepare to continue afterwards with decoration preparations until 4pm (you may freely come and go from 2-4pm).

You may go to Cook's own Wildwood Forest website as well for the "experience," to view song video clips, and many pdf and clip art downloads.

If you are a member on GEL youth group in Facebook, you can review all 10 video songs for VBS week.  Really try to know the motions, so you can get into it, coc gemsand motivate your crew to action as well!

Please note:

  1. All materials are for in-house use only.  Do not distribute outside of our church.  Thank you.
  2. All materials are for Elementary except ones specifically marked "Preschool....." or "ALL...." 


You will do the following options for each day!


  • Day 1 - option 2, Wildwood Forest Yarn Magnet, p.19
  • Day 2 - Special Craft, Bug House (pdf soon)
  • Day 3 - option 1, "Jesus Frees" Key Holder, p.27
  • Day 4 - option 1, Whisper Chimes, p.33 
  • Day 5 - option 1, Lamb of Love, p.39


  • Day 1 - option 2
  • Day 2 - option 2
  • Day 3 - option 1
  • Day 4 - option 1
  • Day 5 - option 2

To SAVE attachments to computer - right click on top of file with your mouse and do "Save Target As" or "Save Target To."
Remember where you've saved it!
  you will need a PDF reader to view and print the files.  You may get the free Adobe Reader from  Get Free Adobe Reader


These are *.avi files.

2010 VBS - Hero HeadQuarters Resources

Hero HeadQuarters Homepage2010 VBS - August 2 - 6 for Age 4 to 5th Graders Completed
(separate programs for PreSchoolers and Elementary)

Hero HeadQuarters youth volunteers info-resources page!

You should be able to find everything you need to prepare for the 2010 VBS.
Thanks for your preparation, and God bless your work.  All for His glory!

Youth TRAINING Schedule (1-2:20pm in GEL room):  Training Session 4 of 4 Notes below; PDF download!

  1. June 20 (confirmed)
  2. June 27 (confirmed)
  3. July 11 (confirmed)
  4. July 25 (confirmed)

Youth SELF-PREPARATION Schedule.  READ and Understand the story; MEMORIZE the Bible Points:     (for each week, review the previous weeks)

Week 1 = Session 1.  June 20-27
Week 2 = Session 2.  June 27 - July 4
Week 3 = Session 3.  July 4-11
Week 4 = Session 4.  July 11-18
Week 5 = Session 5.  July 18-25
Week 6 = Review All Again.  July 25 +
Hero HeadQuarters Lessons Overview
To SAVE attachments to computer - right click on top of file with your mouse and do "Save Target As" or "Save Target To."
Remember where you've saved it!
  you will need a PDF reader to view and print files.  You may get the free Adobe Reader from  Get Free Adobe Reader

Training Session 4 of 4 Notes --- 2010_VBS_Training_4.pdf76.34 KB
Youth Covenant Form Signed and Turned in NOW! thanks --- 2010 VBS youth covenant form.pdf126.38 KB
10 mp3 Songs for Your Player --- HeroHeadQuarters_SongsMP3s.zip19.87 MB
Written Motions to the Songs --- HeroHeadQuarters_SongMotions.zip1.4 MB
Games Leader's Guide --- HHQ Games Leader Guide.pdf10.51 MB
Theater Leader's Guide --- HHQ_TheaterAmazingBibleHeroesLeaderGuide.pdf24.67 MB
Theater Monologue Scripts --- HHQTheaterMonologues.zip1.54 MB
Crew Leaders/Helpers Theater Questions --- HHQTheaterCrewOverviews.zip1.01 MB
Some Clip Arts --- HHQJPGClipArts.zip3.17 MB
Decorating Ideas for Theater --- AmazBibleDecor.pdf487.36 KB
Decorating Ideas for Games --- GamesDecor.pdf306.39 KB
Decorating Ideas for HHQ --- HeroHQDecor.pdf491.36 KB
Decorating Ideas for Crafts --- ProjectsDecor.pdf462.86 KB
Decorating Ideas for Snacks --- SnacksDecor.pdf463.91 KB

2011 VBS - Inside Out & Upside Down on MAIN STREET Resouces

 Welcome to Youth Servants Resources!

If you have not handed in your Covenant Form, please do so immediately to Pastor John.  Download form below.

You are expected to attend all the following trainings on Fridays GEL nights, and Sunday afternoons.  Please let Pastor John know if you are going to miss any of them.  If you miss them, please review/study the lessons/training notes on your own.  Get them below.

Overview of the VBS week. Please read and meditate on the Bible stories and verses on your own.
Bible Memory Verses for the whole week. Psalm 25:4,5 - Show me Your ways, O LORD, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are my God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long.

Friday nights, 8-10pm, Bible lesson training dates during GEL are (click on dates for notes; thx Pastor Brian): 6/17 (lesson 1), 7/1 (lesson 2), 7/8 (lesson 3), 7/15 (lesson 4) and 7/22 (lesson 5).
Sundays, 1-3pm, Songs, Sharing the Gospel with children, and logistics training dates are: 7/10 (Notes), 7/17 (Notes) and 7/24 (Notes).



Get your mp3 Tunes here!  Dowload them; learn them; love them!
Someone had put up all the VBS music videos on YouTube!  Learn it all from there.  His ID is joeymarshall1.

Here are the motions to the songs (not that you'd need them after the link above):

Youth Covenant Form Please turn-in immediately --- 2011 VBS youth covenant form.pdf65.19 KB
Bible Lesson 6/17 notes --- Gel DQs 6-17-11 Gratitude.pdf17.18 KB
Bible Lesson 7/1 notes --- Gel DQ 7.1.11 Compassion.pdf19.32 KB
Bible Lesson 7/8 notes --- Gel DQ 7.8.11 Forgiveness.pdf16.35 KB
Sunday 7/10 training notes --- 2011_VBS_Training1(7-10).pdf60.62 KB
Bible Lesson 7/15 notes --- Gel DQ 7.15.11 Grace.pdf8.95 KB
Bible Lesson 7/22 notes --- Gel DQ 7.22.11 Faithfulness.pdf14.69 KB
Sunday 7/24 training notes --- 2011_VBS_Training3(7-24).pdf103.23 KB

2012 Sky VBS - Youth/Volunteers Resources

Youth and Volunteers Resources.

VOLUNTEERS:  Calling all youth grade 6 completed and above, college students and adults!  You can sign-up online by filling in the Online Volunteers Registration Form HERE.

Training Dates:  6/17, 7/1, 7/8, 7/22, 7/29 (12:45 - 2:15pm, room 120)

Daily Bible Points.  Know them by heart.  TRUST GOD:

  1. No matter who you aretrust God!  The Bible story is from Matthew 8:5-13 where a Roman officer trusts in Jesus.
  2. No matter how you feeltrust God!  The 2nd day’s Bible story is from John 11 when Jesus raises Lazarus back to life.
  3. No matter what people dotrust God!  The 3rd day's Bible story is from Matthew 26:36-27:31 where Jesus is arrested and put on trial.
  4. No matter what happenstrust God!  On Thursday, the teaching time focuses on Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  5. No matter where you aretrust God!  The final day’s Bible story is based on John 21:1-14 when Jesus makes breakfast for his friends after his resurrection.
Listen and have the songs in your heart!  Download the zipped mp3 Songs HERE.
Below is the (pretty good) 1st draft of roles.  Contact Pastor John if you have any concerns or special needs. We're still working out some of you because we need to fill-in some key positions.  Thanks for your patience.

2012-VBS-youth-covenant-form.pdf115.05 KB

2013 VBS - God's Backyard Bible Camp * under the stars * Volunteers Resources


Youth and Volunteers Resources

VOLUNTEERS:  Calling all youth grade 6 completed and above, college students and adults!  Please sign-up online below!
If you are uner 18 years-old, download and fill-out the Youth Covenant Form HERE (Please turn in to Pastor John ASAP, but no later than June 30th).

Training Dates:  6/23, 6/30, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4 (12:45 - 2:15pm, room 120)

Download the mp3 musi c HERE!  Note: Listen often and enjoy the music, but most likely we will not do all of them.

Event Date (not posting date): 
Mon, 2013-08-05
2013-VBS-youth-covenant-form.pdf83.59 KB
2013VBS-God's-Backyard-Bible-Camp.zip34.94 MB

VBS Supplies Donation

This is a testing blog page.

Event Date (not posting date): 
Sun, 2012-07-08